Trust Funding Series

Many clients come to us to make sure their estates avoid probate. Setting up a trust can be an integral part of an estate strategy, but having assets "line up" properly with this trust is critical. This $97 course runs through the basics of funding revocable living trusts, the different treatment of different types of assets, and even runs through the ins and outs of filling out generic change of ownership and change of beneficiary forms.


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Click the button below to get this important information on funding your revocable living trust that can save your family thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal and probate fees by giving you vital information on coordinating your assets with your trust. For only $97, you can get the information you need in Plain English to help you keep your assets out of the court system and efficiently pass to your chosen beneficiaries.

Find Trust Funding Fails

The biggest threat to a good revocable trust plan is failing to keep assets coordinated with the strategy. Complacency plus life changes can cause the very probate nightmare you wanted to avoid in the first place.

Learn The Simple Funding Strategy

Some assets are treated differently for many reasons. Learn some of the simple funding strategies that account for taxes, title requirements, and convenience.

Typical "Wildcards"

Understand how some assets and accounts don't fit neatly into any specific category, and some of the ways to address coordinating those assets with your revocable living trust and the overall estate plan.


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