The VA Pension Crash Course

Having good information can help you make smarter decisions. This is particularly true when it comes to the VA Pension Benefit, when up to a few thousand dollars, or more, per month may be on the line. Don't just take the word of someone on the phone with the VA that you don't qualify, when with the right moves you very well may qualify.


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Click the button below to get this important information for veterans, their spouses, and widows and widowers that can mean up to thousands of dollars a month to help with long term care costs. For only $47, you can get the information you need in Plain English to understand how to qualify for this important benefit.

Four Ways to Pay for Long Term Care

There are four main ways to pay for long term care, and there is one way that most people choose by default... that can cost them and their family dearly. Understanding the different general options can help you with your specific situation. 

The 4 Tests to Qualify for the VA Pension

The VA has specific tests to qualify for the Veterans Pension Benefit, but many who could qualify give up because they don't know there are ways to rearrange assets and income in order to qualify. Don't accept a simple "no" over the phone as the final word.

How the VA Pension Works With Medicaid

Every VA Pension Benefit situation has the potential to turn into a Medicaid Planning case if the type of care needed changes. Knowing how planning for one benefit impacts eventual qualification for the other can save the family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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