In-Law Protection Planning

Many people want to absolutely make sure that their estate stays with their family members. Unfortunately, life doesn't always cooperate. This $197 course reviews different problems, consequences, and ultimately solutions to make sure your life savings stays within your family.


Vulnerable Situations

A review of common problems and situations (such as divorce and irresponsible spending) with sons-in-law and daughters-in-law when it comes to a child inheriting an estate directly, and what can happen over the long term to possibly cut out the grandchildren from inheriting.

The Strategy

How a protective planning strategy can secure assets for your children's lifetimes and then pass the inheritance to grandchildren while also protecting assets from divorcing/spendthrift spouses, creditors, bankruptcy, and Medicaid/disability spenddowns.

How it Works

How the different components of the In-Law Protection Planning Strategy work, including the various trusts and documents involved. This includes the creation and operation of Asset Management Trusts, IRA Trusts, and the centerpiece Revocable Living Trust.

In-Protection Planning Explained in Plain English

Get simple, plain English information on how you can secure your legacy across two generations and avoid your life savings from going to in-laws, creditors, or other unintended beneficiaries, all for only $197.


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