Biggest Trust

Funding Fails

Hosted by Jeffrey G. Marsocci, The Plain English Attorney (TM)


Find Trust Funding Fails

The biggest threat to a good revocable trust plan is failing to keep assets coordinated with the strategy. Complacency plus life changes can cause the very probate nightmare you wanted to avoid in the first place.

Learn the Simple Funding Strategy

Some assets are treated differently for many reasons. Learn some of the simple funding strategies that account for taxes, title requirements, and convenience.

Typical Wildcards

Understand how some assets and accounts don't fit neatly into any specific category, and some of the ways to address coordinating those assets with your revocable living trust and the overall estate plan.

The Plain English Attorney (TM)

Presents "Biggest Trust Funding Fails" Live Stream Webinar

Attorney and author Jeffrey G. Marsocci has spent his career helping families avoid the problems of court bureaucracies by planning ahead. Trust funding is another area he knows can be overly complex and expensive without proper planning in place. With so many myths and misinformation shared, families are at risk of losing tens of thousands of dollars, and countless hours in probate court. In this webinar, Mr. Marsocci will cover the steps to take for effectively maintaining your trust and the single best way to keep your affairs and benefits exclusively for your family instead of probate court.

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