The Estate Crash Course

Having good information can help you make smarter decisions. This is particularly true when it comes to estate planning. Knowing the difference between a Will and a Trust, what is involved in the Probate Process and how to avoid it, and the Big Four Questions that can help you make the most important decisions in planning your estate.


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The Four Downsides of Probate

There are four huge downsides to probate that most people want to avoid, but which are guaranteed if you rely on a Last Will and Testament as the base of your estate plan. The wrong information can costs your estate tens of thousands of dollars.

Understanding Estate Planning Myths

With all of the disinformation, myths, and folk remedies out there, it's important to get the facts without being bogged down in legalese or having to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour for this basic information when you can get it ahead of time.

The Big Four Questions of Estate Planning

While many attorneys make the estate planning process more difficult than it needs to be, we've boiled the major decisions you need to make down to just four big questions. Knowing these questions can help you analyze your options before meeting with an attorney.


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