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The Plain English Attorney (R)

Having Peace of Mind around legally protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your assets can mean everything. Knowing what you need to knowĀ doesn't have to be bogged down with legalese and misinformation. It is Jeffā€™s mission to tackle complex Medicaid and other planning questions and explain them in plain English on media platforms such as YouTube, Instagramā€™s IGTV, and Facebook. Mr. Marsocci is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, the 10th Judicial District Bar, and the National Italian American Bar Association. He and his wife Kathleen live in Raleigh, North Carolina and work with various charitable and non-profit groups. Both are recipients of the Presidentā€™s Call to Service Award through the Points of Light Foundation for completing more than 4,000 hours of service during their lifetimes.Ā 

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Educational Courses

Check out our courses on legal and related topics explained in plain English. Topics include Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Revocable Trust Funding, Financial Planning, and many more to come. There are also many free reports and other helpful information & videos as part of our growing community. Click here.

Medicaid Planning & Consulting

In addition to his law firm in North Carolina, Mr. Marsocci is available nationwide as a Certified Medicaid Planner(TM), and to consult with attorneys and other professionals in Estate and Medicaid Planning.  


Law Firm

For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Marsocci has been running The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC by focusing on helping clients plan their lives and estates to avoid the pitfalls of probate and other bureacracies. Check out his law firm's website by clicking here.

FREE REPORT: The Six Keys to Successfully Planning Your Estate

No one wants to spend more time or money than necessary to reach their estate planning goals. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation, myths, and folk remedies out there, it's hard to know where to get started. This free report will help you get started in the right direction by helping you get organized, look for red flags, and create a process of doing your own homework... before you ever step foot in an attorney's office and start incurring billable hours.

Estate Crash Course

There is so much misinformation, myths, and folk remedies out there when it comes to estate planning, and paying an expensive attorney by the hour to provide a basic education is often cost prohibitive. In the Estate Crash Course, we dig into the differences between using a Will and a Trust, what probate is and reasons to avoid it, and what documents are used in a solid estate plan. In addition, we review the most critical information needed by most attorneys to help you get your plan started... before the attorney's billable hours begin.

In-Law Protection Planning

Find out how a protective planning strategy can secure assets for your children's lifetimes and then pass the inheritance to grandchildren while also protecting assets from divorcing/spendthrift spouses, creditors, bankruptcy, and Medicaid/disability spend downs

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Unlimted Access to the following:

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Thank you for the Crash Courses! I've completed the Special Needs planning course and will now work on the Estate Planning course.  

Your presentations are very clear and easy to understand, and your presentation style makes the courses almost entertaining as well. Nice work!

Best Regards, 

-Randy Bock

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